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Big purchases aren’t always something to feel guilty about. After a few decades, years, or even months, there are plenty of items that will begin to pay for themselves and then some. Here’s when to expect to see a return on 11 major investments.

A standard tux can easily go for $500 or more, which makes renting a tempting option. But if you plan on attending at least a few weddings in your lifetime, you’ll be glad you made the investment early on. According to one recent report, the average cost to rent a tuxedo in 2015 was close to $200. If you attend enough events, buying your own tux can easily pay for itself within a year. And unlike an expensive dress, no one will notice if you wear the same outfit back-to-back.

It’s true that hybrid cars save you significant cash at the gas pump, but just how far these savings will take you depends on the price of the car itself. Lower-end models, with prices that are on par with similar gas-powered vehicles from their brand, don’t take long for drivers to recoup the purchase price. Those that are relatively more expensive are likely to break even within four to five years. And if you’re willing to shell out up to $25,000 extra to upgrade to higher-end hybrids, make sure you’re doing it for the environment—not the sake of your wallet—as that up charge could take up to 11 years to pay off.

A $4 latte doesn’t feel like a bank-breaking expense in the early morning hours when you need your caffeine fix, but by the end of the year those small purchases add up. If you buy one latte before work every day for a year you’ll end up having spent nearly $1000 on something you could have made at home. Instead, treat yourself to some gourmet coffee beans and a quality coffee maker. Even if you spend $80 on a fancy machine and $10 a week on beans, you’ll make the difference back in 2 months. You may even end up liking your home-brew more than the stuff from your local cafe.

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College tuition prices are higher than ever before, but thankfully, the fancy degree pays off—as long as you’re willing to wait to see a return on your investment, that is. One study published last year shows that college graduates earn $1 million more than high school graduates without a degree over the course of a lifetime. While that sounds like a major bonus, it still takes nearly 20 years before that four-year degree becomes profitable.

November 13, 2012 by Bob Yirka, Medical Xpress report

(Medical Xpress)—Researchers at Hebrew University in Jerusalem have found that contrary to popular thinking, people are capable of reading sentences and solving math problems without consciously thinking about them. The team describes their experiments and results in testing such abilities in their paper published in the .

Scientists have known for some time that people are capable of reading single words when their mind is elsewhere, but now, new research shows that they are also capable of reading entire LazamaniTbar sandals purple GHKYiXL
and grasping the content of them while their eccoHOWELL Casual laceups black LQHGzB3A
is busy thinking about something else. They've also discovered that people are also capable of solving simple math problems subconsciously.

To come to these conclusions, the team used a technique known as Continues Flash Suppression (CFS) to present target information to volunteer subjects subconsciously. The technique involves displaying target information to one eye while simultaneously displaying colorful images to the other. The colorful images demand so much attention that the target information is not noticed, at least in the conscious mind.

In the first exercise, volunteers were shown short word phrases during a CFS session; some of which made sense some of which were nonsensical. Afterwards, they were asked to recall the phrase. The researchers found that the volunteers were able to recall the nonsensical phrases faster than those that made sense, indicating they had been understood while still in a subconscious state.

In the second exercise, the researchers used CFS to flash a simple plus/minus type adidas PerformanceNEMEZIZ 184 FG Moulded stud football boots offwhite/legend ink/hires blue vXgxDa
, minus the answer, to one eye, while the other received the colorful images. Afterwards, each volunteer was asked to say out loud a number that was presented to them. The researchers found that response times were shorter when the number shown matched the answer to the math equation they had been shown.

Thus far, CFS is only able to distract the mind from perceiving information for just a couple of seconds, thus, the types of data that can be tested is limited by the amount of information (or its mathematical complexity) that could reasonably be expected to be absorbed in such a short time period. But the results suggest that people might be processing a lot of information in their daily lives that they aren't aware of because their mind is elsewhere, a finding that the researchers suggest, means that views on subconscious awareness and thought processing, perhaps needs updating.

Explore further: New brain research refutes results of earlier studies that cast doubts on free will

More information: Reading and doing arithmetic nonconsciously, PNAS , Published online before print November 12, 2012, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1211645109

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Eight years after the events of Prelude , Seldon has worked out the science of psychohistory and has applied it on a galactic scale. His notability and fame increase and he is eventually promoted to First Minister to the Emperor. As the book progresses, Seldon loses those closest to him, including his wife, Dors Venabili, as his own health deteriorates into old age. Having worked his entire adult life to understand psychohistory, Seldon instructs his granddaughter, Wanda, to set up the Second Foundation.

Main article: Dorothy PerkinsIMOGEN Trainers white/silver vqmFbZ

Called forth to stand trial on Trantor for allegations of treason (for foreshadowing the decline of the Galactic Empire), Seldon explains that his science of psychohistory foresees many alternatives, all of which result in the Galactic Empire eventually falling. If humanity follows its current path, the Empire will fall and 30,000 years of turmoil will overcome humanity before a second Empire arises. However, an alternative path allows for the intervening years to be only one thousand, if Seldon is allowed to collect the most intelligent minds and create a compendium of all human knowledge, entitled Encyclopedia Galactica . The board is still wary but allows Seldon to assemble whomever he needs, provided he and the "Encyclopedists" be exiled to a remote planet, Terminus . Seldon agrees to these terms – and also secretly establishes a second Foundation of which almost nothing is known, which he says is at the "opposite end" of the galaxy.

After fifty years on Terminus, and with Seldon now deceased, the inhabitants find themselves in a crisis. With four powerful planets surrounding their own, the Encyclopedists have no defenses but their own intelligence. At the same time, a vault left by Seldon is due to automatically open. The vault reveals a pre-recorded AllSaintsIVY High heeled ankle boots black RbXO8diXOe
of Seldon, who informs the Encyclopedists that their entire reason for being on Terminus is a fraud, insofar as Seldon did not actually care whether or not an encyclopedia was created, only that the population was placed on Terminus and the events needed by his calculations were set in motion. In reality, the recording discloses, Terminus was set up to reduce the dark ages from 30,000 years to just one millennium, based on following his calculations. It will develop by facing intermittent and extreme "crises" – known as "Seldon Crises" – which the laws governing psychohistory show will inevitably be overcome, simply because human nature will cause events to fall in particular ways which lead to the intended goal. The recording reveals that the present events are the first such crisis, reminds them that a second foundation was also formed at the "opposite end" of the galaxy, and then falls silent.

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Onitsuka TigerTrainers white/ash rose 9zOXpPIp

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Fabrication of Thermally Stable Silver–Organic Complex (TS‐SOC) Based Conductible Filament Materials for 3D Printing

School of Polymer Science and Engineering, Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Republic of Korea

Skechers PerformanceYOU DEFINE Walking trainers peach 3HZfp

School of Polymer Science and Engineering, Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Republic of Korea

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School of Polymer Science and Engineering, Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Republic of Korea

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Corresponding Author

E-mail address: Just CavalliClassic ankle boots black zP0uIpy

E‐mail: E-mail address: Nike PerformanceTIEMPOX LIGERA IV IC Indoor football boots black/white nFlXpqVa
First published: 04 July 2017
MizunoWAVE TORNADO X2 Volleyball shoes blue mirage/fiery coral/black jXMUgZ

Conductive 3D printing has the potential to easily customize parts in the electronics manufacturing industry, by minimizing the contents of conductive fillers. Here, 3D printable filament material with less than 3 wt% of preconductive fillers by forming silver–organic complex (SOC) is achieved. Thermally stable (TS)‐SOC with chelating agents is constructed, and thermal degradation is minimized to 0.91 wt%, even at high temperature under extrusion and 3D printing by the cage effect. In addition, a compact extruder, which has a short (3 cm) heating period, is directly designed, and applied to TS‐SOC‐based filament fabrication to minimize thermal degradation. Also, silver nanoparticles (SNPs) (diameter = 70–90 nm) are uniformly formed by dechelating and chemical reduction of the surface, and form dense conductive percolation networks. Finally, not only are electrical characteristics of a maximum 55.71 S cm obtained, but the intrinsic short‐circuits from nozzle clogging problems of conventional conductive filament could be overcome.

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September 2017


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