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It should be noted that all the causes of regurgitation mentioned here can also lead to vomiting. The mechanics are different but the cause is often the same. That’s not to say that only these things can lead to regurgitation (or vomiting for that matter), but that these are some well known causes in snakes.

How to prevent regurgitation

Sometimes despite your best efforts you will find yourself needing to treat a snake which is regurgitating its meals. Clearly it doesn’t take a scientist to realize that if a snake is vomiting it is not getting its nutritional needs met. In cases where a snake is regurigtating repeatedly you will need to worry not just about the causes, but also worry about what the snake needs for proper care.

How to treat a snake that has regurgitated a meal

Next give the snake an opportunity to rest. Don’t handle it or bother it for several days. Don’t shove more food into the snake’s face either. Just let it rest. In fact if your living situation allows for it I suggest setting up a small closet, or room where no one will go in and out of. Put your snake in there to give it even more peace and quiet.

When you do offer it another meal (try to wait about 2 weeks after your snake regurgitates before trying again) it will need to be about 1/4 to 1/2 the size it normally would be. This is especially true of snakes that have vomited, but I use the same principle with snakes that have regurgitated and had great results.

If necessary seek a professional assessment of the situation from a veterinarian. Better to spend $50, $70, $100 on a quick checkup and consultation than to spend ten or twenty times that when the snake has been pushed to the brink.

Snake regurgitation is no small matter and should always be treated with great respect. It can easily move into the realm of becoming a killer if not dealt with accordingly. Never just ignore it and think it will magically fix itself. It is an indication that something is wrong in paradise.

The final piece of advice this article can give is to contact a vet if your snake regurgitates. They may or may not want to see you, but there’s a reason that they are paid professionals who deal with animals and “you’re” not.

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